The Excitement BUILDS

My first novel, A Class on Murder: A Ronnie Raven Mystery, will be released in slightly over a month, and already exciting things are happening:

  • has requested permission to advertised A Class on Murder to advertise for its online book clubs (yes, yes, a thousand times yes).
  •  I had my first public speaking request from a Friends of the Library event. In between quaking in my boots…well, bare feet, actually…I’m quite excited and honored at the invitation.
  • Publisher’s Weekly reviewed my book, calling it “ . . . entertaining mystery debut. . . cozy fans will appreciate the charm and humor.”

I still have a thousand and one things I want to do, including create a Facebook page for Ronnie Raven. She’s been clamoring for one for awhile, and once she starts, she doesn’t shut up until I do what she wants!

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I am a writer who writes a little of everything--fiction, travel, children's books and articles, copywriting, curriculum.My perfect vacation would be to sit on a beach or look out over the mountains and read books. I never get to read as much as I want.
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