Time Doesn’t Fly…It Runs You Down Like a Speeding Locomotive

Hard to believe it’s been 40 days since I last posted. A common axiom is “time flies when you’re having fun,” and while we’ve all experienced that, I can’t blame my blog absence on fun.

A more true corollary is “time flies when you’re busy.”  Think about it. No matter the job or situation, if you’re busy with assignments or “to do’s,” time slips by as quickly as a the perfect bloom. I could even use the clichéd “where does the time go?” but that would make me sound old. And after a recent birthday, I don’t need any more reminders about my age, thank you very much. In my heart, I’m still a 20-something with goals as big as mountains and unending determination and ability to scale those mountains.

Being busy is a basic truism in American society. We’re all busy. Many writers are busy juggling assignments among media, genres, and audiences. And the lucky few who make a living solely from writing novels are living two lives, the life of their characters and their other life.

Even busier are parents (and yes, I’m biased). For at least 18 years, and perhaps longer, a parent has given a large part of their heart and soul to a magnificent being. And at times, all of our minds as well. School assembly at 1; swimming or soccer practice after school, followed by music lessons of some sort, and an attempt at family togetherness over dinner before buckling down with reading and bedtime or serving as a sentry over older children while they do homework, projects, or study for tests. And that’s a slow day!

And if you’re by chance a parent and a writer, you’re juggling so many balls in the air, that you’re going to miss occasionally and get clobbered in the head.

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing women who are mothers. You are truly super heroes.

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Why Women’s History Month?


As we close out another Women’s History Month, I have to admit to mixed feelings about this recognition. Do we need this month or do we acknowledge contributions of a special few for a month and then forget them for the rest of the year?

Women don’t make history one month out of the year. They do it constantly and have since the beginning of time. But it’s like the old adage–women doing twice as well as men to be thought half as good. In order to be recognized in history books, women have had to demonstrate superior courage, conviction, and intelligence. More so than male counterparts. So we hear about Madame Curie, Harriet Tubman, and Eleanor Roosevelt.

But what about all the other women we don’t hear about? Louise Thaden? Jovita Idár? Dr. Rebecca Crumpler? Perhaps this is what Women’s History Month is about. Hearing stories about women we haven’t been introduced to previously.

In my last two books for the Women of Action series published by Chicago Review Press, I wrote about women who took to the skies. First in airplanes, and then in spaceships. Now, we’ve all heard of Amelia Earhart and Pancho Barnes. And some of us have heard of pilots Bessie Coleman and Jerrie Cobb.

Yet when I started researching the stories of other women pilots—Elinor Smith, Willa Brown, Violet Cowden, Ingrid Pederson—I became awe-struck and a little angry. Why had I not heard of these women before?

Suddenly, I wanted to spread the word of these and other phenomenal women, but I was limited by the availability of words in my contracts.

The thing that stuck out in my research of Amelia Earhart didn’t relate to her flying ability because there were many women with superior flying abilities. It was her interest and respect of women of achievement. If you think history books are lacking in information about women now, consider what history books were like when she was a young girl in the early 20th century. Perhaps that’s why she kept a scrapbook of women she admired.

Educator Myra Pollack Sadker once said that, “Each time a girl opens a book and reads a womanless history, she learns she is worth less.”

That is why Women’s History Month is so important.

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“Women in Space” Lands on February 1

women in spaceWomen in Space (ISBN 9781613748442) will be released February 1, 2014. Author Karen Bush Gibson marks 50 years of women in space by chronicling the challenging journeys of women throughout the world who took the giant leap into space exploration. This young adult book will certainly appeal to girls looking for heroes as well as fans of space flight as it spins 23 tales of first flights, scientific missions, and gravity-breaking adventures starting with the invincible “Mercury 13,” a group of women who qualified for space flight in the 1960s, but were denied the opportunity.


Women in Space has been positively reviewed by several publications, including—

Publishers Weekly — “an informative and hopeful overview of underrecognized scientists and explorers in a male-dominated field.”

Kirkus Reviews — “valuable… an informative introductory overview of the many important contributions women have made to space exploration.”

Women in Space is the second book by this author from the “Women of Action series” published by Chicago Review Press. Women Aviators (9781613745403) was included in the December 2013 Air & Space Smithsonian’s Best Children’s Books of 2013 roundup of aviation and space-themed books. Women of Action is a lively, accessible biography series that introduces readers ages 12 through adult to women and girls of courage and conviction throughout the ages.

 Both Women in Space and Women Aviators can both be ordered from Amazon or direct from Chicago Review Press.

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Drop by Sheila Boneham’s Blog

Today, I am blogging about labels in the mystery genre, in particular, what makes a cozy. I hope you’ll stop by www.sheilaboneham.blogspot.com. Let me know what you think about labels in mystery fiction.

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Ronnie Raven Visits Dru’s Book Musings

I wanted you all know that I’m blogging today Dru’s Book Musings. Stop by and meet Ronnie Raven and take in the world in from her shoes (keeping in mind that she likes to be barefoot). Plus a copy of “A Class on Murder” will be given away! Go to:


 See you there!

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