Marine Biology: Cool Women Who Dive Available Sept. 13

Marine Biology: Cool Women Who Dive explores the careers of three women who MarineBio_GIS_Coverwork within the science of marine biology. Natalie Arnoldi is a marine biologist just starting out in her career. Ashanti Johnson is an oceanographer who studies radionuclides, or radioactive atoms, in aquatic environments. Lauren Mullineaux is a senior scientist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.

Readers will also learn about the women who have served as trailblazers in the field of marine biology and ecology, such as Eugenie Clark and Rachel Carson. Nomad Press books in the Girls in Science series supply a bridge between girls’ interests and their potential futures by investigating science careers and introducing women who have succeeded in science. Compelling stories of real-life scientists provide readers with role models that they can look toward for examples of success.

Marine Biology uses engaging content, links to primary sources, and essential questions to whet kids’ appetites for further exploration and study. This book explores the history of marine biology, the women who made key discoveries, and the multitude of varied careers in this exciting and important field. Marine Biology encourages both boys and girls to envision what lies beneath the miles of water that make up our planet.

From Nomad Press, Books to Inspire Learning.

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