Feelin’ Groovy

park-444223_960_720The morning was young, and already I was frustrated and tense. I had been at the computer making some requested revisions to an assignment that was due. This led to my running late for an appointment. It didn’t help that everywhere I turned, road construction slowed me down.

Stress. You know the feeling. Shoulders tightening up, and a desire to yell or pull out your hair? Then, in my effort to find the right shortcut, I drove by a park and luckily let my gaze wander. On a park bench, with their backs to me, was a grandmother with her arm draped around her grandson. They were just taking time to enjoy the summer morning before things heated up. Although I don’t have grandchildren, the image took me back to when my boys were young and we sat on park benches.

The image served to cool me down as well. I’m often in such a hurry to make appointments or meet deadlines that I’m not taking time to smell the flowers or sit on a park bench. I’m not always successful at it, but my goal is to take time to enjoy life more often. Sometimes, when I’m able to catch myself, a little tune springs up in my head. Some of you may have heard it—

Slow down, you move too fast.
You got to make the morning last.
Just kicking down the cobble stones.
Looking for fun and feelin’ groovy.

The official name of this Simon and Garfunkel classic is “The 59th Street Bridge Song,” but I call it the “Feelin’ Groovy” song. And yes, I know that using the word “groovy” is a little cheesy, but cheesy makes me smile. And we can all use a little more smiling.

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I am a writer who writes a little of everything--fiction, travel, children's books and articles, copywriting, curriculum.My perfect vacation would be to sit on a beach or look out over the mountains and read books. I never get to read as much as I want.
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