Death of a Motherboard

My plans to post to my blog once or twice a week came to a quick and abrupt halt soon after my previous post. My computer went into rebellious mode. Freezing and unresponsive. No amount of rebooting and virus checks made it functional again. I took it to the doctor, where it was pronounced dead on arrival. It sounds like a quick diagnosis and demise, but it actually took a week. Then another week to find a replacement computer. Even though all my documents were saved on an external hard drive, working on borrowed computers was a frustrating situation. And, of course, proofs on two books came during this time. The children’s book on the ancient city of Babylon needed some rewriting to make it flow better. The other edits to look at were for my novel. Although there was less to actually do to the novel, it was the much harder job, borrowed computer or not.

I kept finding things I wanted to change or add. At times I found myself wanting to rewrite the whole damn book. Did I include enough back story? Too much? Could the characterizations have been done better? Too much dialogue? Interior monologue? Should the plot have been more intricate? More red herrings? This is a book I’ve been working on (off and on) for fifteen years. As a person who can find fault with anything, I finally had to let the urge to recreate A Class on Murder go and trust my editors.

The best way to let go of one book is to start another, and that’s just what I’ve done–started the second Ronnie Raven mystery. Ideas had been regularly intruding while I played with around with a mainstream novel that just wasn’t holding my interest. The best thing about writing a series, I’ve discovered, is resuming those relationships with characters. I like getting to know them better, learn their secrets, and watch them grow. And unlike my first novel, I’m not afraid to dig a little deeper and writer a little darker this time around. I suppose that when you survive a fried motherboard, you’re not afraid to take some chances.

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