And they lived happily ever after…

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I’m going to let you in on a secret. I like fairy tales. Any type of fairy tales. Classic, modern, and mash-up’s. G-rated and dark, disturbing tales. I enjoy fairy tales across all mediums—books, television, and movies.

Outside of fairy tales and perhaps Tolkien, I’m not a huge fantasy ban, but fairy tales…let’s just say that the words Once Upon a Time send sparks of excitement running through my veins, and They Lived Happily Ever After gives me a sense of satisfaction that all is right with the world.

Fairy tales have been around for many centuries now. No one is certain how long, because these tales of bravery and lessons learned started as part of a strong oral storytelling tradition. Oral storytelling was like performance art in an intimate setting. The telling of the stories changed from storyteller to storyteller and audience to audience. You would never hear the same story twice. That changed some when they became preserved on paper. The Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson get credit for writing down the stories.

I like how you can relate most fairy tales to some aspect of the world at large. For example, current American politics reminds me a lot of The Emperor’s New Clothes. Think about it.

There are lessons to be learned from fairy tales that go far beyond the obvious moral message. Fairy tales allow us to connect with our own unconscious feelings and struggles. We can experience battles of good versus evil, that are fueled in part by our daily lives. And we can overcome obstacles and triumph over any situation. We are the heroes.

Magic in fairy tales is a special enticement. How many of us hasn’t wished for magic in our own lives? With magic, wrongs are made right because good ultimately wins. Magic is possibility and hope. We can all stand to have a little more magic and fairy tales in our lives.

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