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The Oregon Trail: The Journey Across the Country from Lewis and Clark to the Transcontinental Railroad  (Nomad Press, October 2017)

Westward ho! If you travel across certain parts of the United States, you can still see wagon wheel ruts where people crossed the West in search of more opportunity and better lives more than 200 years ago! The Oregon Trail: The Journey Across the Country From Lewis and Clark to the Transcontinental Railroad offers readers ages 9 to 12 a fascinating look at the explorers and settlers who traveled this route during the westward expansion of the United States.

  • Encourages readers to connect historic events to present-day political issues, such as, diversity, migration, and immigration.
  • Excerpts of primary sources and links to online primary sources enhance the narrative and engage readers in historical analysis.


Meteorology: Cool Women Who Weather Storms (Nomad Press, September 2017)

Does the weather fascinate you? Are you curious about where storms get their strength? Do you ever think about what the long-term effect of weather patterns will be on the earth? Meteorology: Cool Women Who Weather Storms introduces readers ages 9 to 12 to three women working in meteorology who are making an impact and inspiring future generations of meteorologists.

  • Introduces readers to real women who are making strides in the field of meteorology, making career goals feel obtainable.
  • Educators have observed that interest in science and math tends to dissipate in girls between the ages 7 to 10 and have cited the value of role models to a female student’s continued interest in STEM subjects.

Cells: Experience Life at Its Tiniest (Inquire & Investigate series; Nomad Press, 2017)

Every living thing, from the common cold to every plant, animal, and person on Earth, is made up of cells. In Cells: Experience Life at Its Tiniest, readers ages 12 to 15 investigate these basic building blocks of life and learn how they affect our health, reproduction, criminal investigations, and agriculture!

  • Readers learn the science behind how cell science is being used for food production, cures for disease, and the criminal justice system.
  • Uses an inquiry-based approach to encourage readers to reach their own conclusions and use creative thinking about the future of cell science.

Marine Biology: Cool Women Who Dive (Girls in Science, 2016)

 “This book encourages a deep curiosity about our oceans, marine life, and the diversity of science. It will inspire any young marine enthusiast to pursue their passions and to follow on from many influential women and their pioneering work in discovering our Blue Planet. The women and information showcased in this book send a message that ‘under water, there are no boundaries.’” Elizabeth A. Burgess, PhD, Postdoctoral Researcher, John H. Prescott Marine Laboratory, New England Aquarium



Also released in 2016was Taj Mahal from the Building on a Dream series from Purple Toad Publishing. Every creation starts with a dream. Meet the dreamers who built miraculous landmarks around the world. The story of how the Taj Mahal was built, and the people who made it happen. Learn how they did it and see what materials they used in this real life building journey.



Texas History for Kids (Chicago Review Press), Released February 2015.

“It will become an invaluable tool for those teaching or learning about Texas history.” —School Library Journal

Lone Star Lives and Legends

The larger-than-life story of the Lone Star State Encapsulating the 500-year saga of the one-of-a-kind state of Texas, this interactive book takes readers from the founding of the Spanish Missions and the victory at San Jacinto to the Great Storm that destroyed Galveston and the establishment of NASA’s Mission Control in Houston while covering everything in between. Texas History for Kids includes 21 informative and fun activities to help readers better understand the state’s culture, politics, and geography. Kids will recreate one of the six national flags that have flown over the state, make castings of local wildlife tracks, design a ranch’s branding iron, celebrate Juneteenth by reciting General Order Number 3, build a miniature Battle of Flowers float, and more. This valuable resource also includes a timeline of significant events, a list of historic sites to visit or explore online, and web resources for further study.


WOMEN OF ACTION SERIES: Women Aviators and Women in Space

They are mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends. They are also women of action and courage. You’ll love this new series by Chicago Review Press in which dramatic stories of heroism by ordinary women come to life. Also available at Amazon.

UPDATE FROM AUTHOR: I couldn’t be more pleased than to say that the two women in Women in Space who were awaiting their space flights have now been to space. Congratulations to Elena Serova and Samantha Cristoforetti.

For more in Women in Flight, go to Facebook.


Women Aviators was included in the December 2013 Air & Space Smithsonian‘s (print circ 197,866) Best Children’s Books of 2013 roundup of aviation and space-themed books.


Gibson follows up Women Aviators (2013) with a similar, international gallery of pioneering women who reached for the stars (or, in the notorious case of the Mercury 13, were deliberately prevented from doing so). As in the previous title, she incorporates thorough research and a strong feminist message into her accounts, covering her subjects’ specific accomplishments on earth and in space, while also surveying the general history of space flight and astronaut training with a special focus on the gender prejudice that had to be battled and (mostly) overcome. Along with the usual suspects, such as Sally Ride and Mae Jemison, there are many lesser-known women, from Svetlana Savitskaya (the second Russian woman in space) to Kalpana Chawla, who died aboard the space shuttle Columbia, and a number of other women from a variety of countries. This illuminating gathering of role models is also bolstered with sheaves of source notes and useful references to further resources.


And more from Karen Bush Gibson:



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  1. Linda Lee says:

    my granddaughter is fascinated by weather the cloud formation etc. barnes and noble suggested I go to your website but did not find, “Cool Women who weather storms” written by Karen Gibson. How can I get a copy of this Thank you for encouraging an inquisitive 8 year old to follow her dreams.

  2. KB Gibson says:

    You can get Meteorology: Cool Women Who Weather Storms at Thanks for your interest.

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