What do you do when your nemesis at work winds up dead? What if you stormed into his office intent on killing him (figuratively) only to find out that someone else beat you to it (literally)?

I had the unfortunate accident of discovering his body. I’m still not sure if it was that discovery that made me the number one suspect or if it was because I was reading Crutchfield the riot act before I realized he was dead.

A Class on Murder is the first Ronnie Raven mystery. Reviews have appeared in Publisher’s Weekly, Kirkus Reviews, and Gumshoe Reviews. A Class on Murder is also a pick at

Publishers Weekly says: “ . . . entertaining mystery debut. . . cozy fans will appreciate the charm and humor.”

Gumshoe says: “This is Gibson’s first mystery novel. Humor is provided via the lively exchanges between Ronnie and her close friend, drama professor Terry Panetta and her black Labrador James Dean who takes to the young policeman much to her chagrin. Gibson manages to keep a romance simmering with the young policeman and an ending that may surprise some readers…”

A Class on Murder is available from Amazon.

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